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How to provide useful marketing content

“The best marketing campaigns that don’t look like it.”
Tom Fishburne, a global marketing expert, explained the success of any advertising campaign by shortening a broad area called content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content is the content written to convince customers to use the product or service offered by the advertiser, but indirectly. This marketing format focuses on studying the customer’s needs and desires and obtaining different images of different types of content (articles – videos – computer graphics – podcasts – e-books -… etc).

On the one hand, these services serve to prevent the customer from being distracted from competing advertising messages and, on the other hand, to create a special place for the brand in the public mind. The more value-added the content provided and the more responsive it is to the customer’s needs, the more loyal and relevant it is to the brand, the more it gains with added value that no competitor will give it.

For example, if your site features the latest fashion trends, your marketing plan should not be based solely on product promotion. It must operate in parallel to create value for customers.

For example, you can write articles for the public to distinguish between authentic and counterfeit products. You can clarify the history of important brands and their product lines, maximizing their implicit value. You can highlight celebrities’ fashion preferences and give your audience a complete guide to colour consistency between products. You can create interesting content for the videos on your platform and offer valuable gifts to those who discover puzzles.

All these methods and more give value to the customer.

This value can be cognitive, indicative or physical, as indicated in the previous examples. However, it is important that this value is consistent with the client’s personal requirements and meets their needs. Do not use marketing content that attracts customers to medium-quality products, when the majority of your audience is the wealthy class. Do not offer satirical marketing content, your site is very serious and professional. Marketing content varies from one platform to another and from one audience to another. If you want to learn the best way to create unique content for your website, follow these lines.

Essential means to design premium content that increases your sales

Before you start writing the marketing content for your website, you must first know the basics you need to go on. Without it, it is possible to establish marketing content, yes, but it is content that is not suitable for your company and does not establish its long-term development.

You know what you want?

Before you can write marketing content for your site, ask yourself first:

  • What do you want from this content?
  • What value would you like to offer?
  • Who is the target audience for this content, what are its characteristics and requirements?
  • What is the appropriate way to view this content (written / video / presentations / images) and others?
  • What is the message of your brand?
  • What is the vision reflected by your business?
  • The answers to the above questions will greatly reflect your understanding of your brand. You will find this when you have already started to develop detailed answers to these questions. The content roadmap will become clear to you.

Quality first and foremost

Some people make mistakes when writing the content of their website by paying attention to quantity at the expense of quality. The customer doesn’t care how many articles there are in your blog and doesn’t care if they are more than 2000 words or more.
The most important thing for him is that these articles achieve the objective he was looking for.

The same applies if you want to publish videos permanently. Yes, these videos are professional and have been edited in a fluid and engaging way, but at the beginning and at the end, they are of no use to the client’s interest. If he’s looking for something impressive to see, he has to search all day on YouTube. He came here to answer a question or solve a problem that was troubling him. If he doesn’t find it, he’ll look elsewhere.

Mix educational content with marketing content

It’s not just about profit. This is the basic rule you must understand. Not only are your messages focused on making a purchasing decision, but also on providing educational services to the customer. He will in turn reimburse you for this service when you buy from you. Don’t worry about writing educational content on a trading platform, it will not harm your company, but on the contrary, will strengthen its image more strongly. Let me simplify it.

Let’s say, for example, that you sell a Gucci dress. Buyers are of course aware of the company’s reputation in the fashion world, but what they don’t know is that this dress is inspired by a rare design proposed by an international designer at Gucci. But after highlighting the history behind it, which is reflected in the motifs engraved on the dress, as well as the value and historical importance of the dress. Then the dress will take up a more important place in the customer’s mind, and then any price will seem right.

The more you can shed light on the history of products or the history of the products you present in an intelligent and transparent way, the more it is in your favour to grow and increase your sales.

Publish different types of content

In order to attract a large segment of consumers, you should know that the audience is not homogeneous, because the way you attract a large part of it can make you lose the rest forever. We recommend that you diversify the content of your platform to attract the most customers.

If you want to better visualize the information you want to share, create a video for this purpose. If your content includes a number of different numbers and statistics, it is better to use Infographics. If your information requires narration and concentration, consult long articles.

The diversity of content types on your website not only convinces different segments of your target audience, but also reflects your professionalism, as well as your service to the public in the most effective and efficient way.

Monitor your content regularly

It is not enough to create professional content and diversify your models, but you must periodically check whether or not this content works. Have public preferences changed or remained constant? Does the public need to see new types, is it interested in this content, or does it not represent or affect the content?

These important issues can only be resolved by using different content analysis tools.

  • The power of published content.
  • Rate of interaction with him.
  • Compared to the content of competitors.
  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Configured to appear in search engines.
  • Identify problems that prevent the target audience from interacting with them as planned.
  • Which paragraphs should be deleted or replaced?

You can access these results by using the Screaming Frog tool or the SEMRush tool.

Plan the writing of the contenu

As part of your marketing plan, you must respect a specific schedule when writing content. Don’t let this happen by chance, and don’t write on the basis of success. For example, if you are planning to launch a new collection of luxury fragrances on your site, your calendar should include the introduction of a set of items that support the type of brand to launch, as well as the motivation and motivation of customers to buy fragrances when they are released. First and foremost, you must prepare articles that answer the questions your audience is supposed to ask. For example, create special content that answers the following questions:

  1. How much does the discount on purchases cost?
  2. How can I get it?
  3. How long are the offers available?
  4. Is the discount available for all purchases or only for some purchases?
  5. Are branded products included in this offer?
  6. How to activate the discount codes?

Then publish it in conjunction with these reductions. It’s very simple:

You can create a scheduled content plan using Google Calendar or by downloading online content marketing calendar templates. If your work requires more precise functionalities for content organization and planning, I recommend that you use one of these tools: Asana or CoSchedule.

Give customers something they want for free

It sounds crazy, but it is one of the best and most effective marketing methods. If you intend to show a product, the public is eagerly awaiting you. Prepare the ground by writing interesting content that promises exclusive surprises to the buyer.

Believe me, it’s worth it!

Do not treat or communicate with geniuses

Simplify things. Do not use difficult and complex words.
Do not use common phrases that shock your brand image. Weigh gently between the two methods. If your audience is a specialist, you are allowed to use specialized terms in your field, otherwise you will have to use language that is accepted by professionals and easy for the general public to understand. Simplicity is always the winning card in the marketing process.


Content is the cornerstone of any marketing business, without which the rule is disrupted and the building completely collapses. If you want to access a lucrative e-business portal, always keep in mind that content is your only key. As Bill Gates said: “Content is king”

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