How to publish your content as a virus

How to publish your content as a virus?

Content… A very important way to get to know your Internet users (and your company) is currently one of the most important ways of digital marketing, content marketing.

No matter how good the content is, it’s worth absolutely nothing if no one sees it! Or even if a small group of people see it, it won’t be very beneficial for your company.

This is why many of us use methods that show the value of our content (which should be good) to many people. Goal, to reach your content to as many people as possible.

But what do you think if you put your content in front of a few people (relatively) and yet it spreads significantly to reach dozens of times that number in a very short time?

What do you think if you force Internet users to publish this content? And also free?

I think we’re all willing to do anything for that!

Friend recommendations are always effective

Imagine if someone you don’t know saw you on the street and told you to buy a book from him immediately! … No presentations!! … Just wants you to buy it! Of course, you will be surprised and you will refuse.

If your friend, who you know, who you trust, who you talk to a lot… and told you that he bought a very wonderful book and that he benefited greatly from it, he advised you to buy it… And your approval rate will be very high… even if it is exactly the same book!

I know you will ask him to read it and not buy it… but the example is clear because I think it is.

The stranger will try to convince you and will use certain methods to sell you this book, most people will ignore it. They will think and not buy… will refuse from the beginning.. But there is actually a percentage of them who will agree to buy the book.

This percentage is very, very little… about 1% or 2%!! for digital marketers, but it’s a good percentage, when it comes from visitors who know nothing about us.

The friend’s recommendation.. We are talking about a high rate, sometimes exceeding 75% and more as well, and don’t forget that here gives you his recommendation and sells you nothing.

 The tools exist but the problem is bigger!

With the presence and diffusion of social networks, content has become much easier, these sites are full of visitors in fantastic numbers and a single click makes it easy to publish what they want!

We are now seeing that sites are still using publishing buttons and other methods to invite visitors to publish them, but surprisingly, users do not publish content for no reason!

These people know that what they will publish from others will see it, other friends, colleagues, respected people, fans… Therefore, they will not publish any content simply because the author has placed the share button above it!

Imagine if you share all the messages you see on Facebook! Participate in sports news, then a little later, participate in technical news, then a minute later, participate in political news.

But publish a certain opinion and then share the opinion of the other completely different! Mention a friend on any post you see! It’s very annoying, it reduces your balance in front of your friends, it can even be embarrassing.

Two ways to distribute your content as a virus

Either force them to do so (force them with their consent, of course)!
Or do it indirectly!!

1-The first method has many methods. The best is to make a very good content, the content counts for a lot of people, in fact there are many who will benefit from it. Of course, you will provide them free of charge!

2-And the best way to do this is to use WordPress plugins that do this work, for me, social locker it’s not free but but it’s the best.

And repeat and repeat, distinctive content so that your visitor does not regret sharing it.

The second way is the best way of course… give the visitor more trust, this way he won’t suspect that you want him to share your content.

This indirect method depends on important secrets and principles, we will start learning them now:

People publish more positive than negative content

Yes, try to make your content positive, give important value and make the visitor enthusiastic and positive.
This positive situation you will present to him will make him decide to share with his friends to find out how he felt.

Internet users share content that touches their feelings

In other words, if you know how to move the feelings of your targeted visitors, they will share your content, Internet users will immediately support if they feel something funny, incredible, dramatic, embarrassing, dangerous, angry.

People love to share content and tools that show them how something works

Especially if it’s weird! Certainly I have seen a lot of content in this principle, and it is spreading quickly and in a frightening way, someone does a certain thing in a strange way, or choose a problem that exists and show them how to solve it…

People always share things that they agree with and that are appropriate to their point of view

We all do it involuntarily, if you discuss with your friends that Pele is better than Maradona, then I saw a video showing a comparison between Pele and Maradona in skills.
What will you do about it? Of course, you will participate, but you will be crazy if you don’t!

People share content that is challenging

Enigmas, complex problems or challenges, these elements make them want to increase their balance when friends show their intelligence or the power of observation! Difficult things!
Make them think. They will participate!

People like to share strange secrets and hidden things

The content that many people know is not worth sharing as much, because it is known! If you have published something old has been around a lot you will hear words from your friends such as (it’s old…), you have to be one of the first to share a hidden secret on your market!

And in the end, if you really want your content to reach a very large number of people and very quickly too, as you’ve seen, it must first respect the principles, and second, an initial marketing process for that content will be a powerful addition to spread.

Content ready to be shared + marketed and paid for = special result

If your content is on Facebook (for example)… Pay a little to broadcast, believe me, it will do a lot for you.

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