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Lessons you need to know before starting an Online Business

In the past, they used to say, “If you don’t learn from the mistakes of others, you will find other people who see your mistakes and learn from them”.

But after spending a lot of time on the online business path and having many experiences, I acquired skills and learned from my mistakes.

If you learn from these mistakes and are aware of these lessons, you will travel a good distance in less time.

Today, I share with you some lessons that I would have liked to learn before starting online business. If you have not yet learned it, I advise you to start learning it as soon as possible.

Don’t be afraid to sell

Everything in the world can be bought and it really sells

The doctor to whom you are going to your child sells you medical expertise

A worker who comes to you to finish your apartment will sell you his craft skills

The employee sells his time to the employer

All these transactions may not be apparent as a sale in the famous concept, but they are actually buying and selling offers for something… whether the return is financial or otherwise.

In the business world, many people don’t like to sell, and they focus on everything that happens at work, except selling, or they are afraid of it and say:

  • I’m a shy person, I can’t sell.
  • I need a very high degree of persuasion to be successful in selling.
  • Sales are for sales staff only.
  • I think the sale is right for a lot of people, and it doesn’t suit me… Why?

The business world goes through many stages (product design, sector, execution, shipping, warehousing, team recruitment, marketing, etc.) and finally, the sales phase. If you look at it differently, you will find that all these steps are ultimately intended for sale.

Even if you are a young entrepreneur with only 3 people, they will be interested in selling their products at first, because they will get the money they can spend on their own business.

Why do you have to sell by yourself for your Online Business ?

For example, if you plan to sell 1,000 products each month for $100 USD = $100,000 USD

At the end of the year, it is estimated to have raised more than $1 million

I will give you a better example of a company that has sold a single product worth over $31 million!


This product is a WordPress template sold on ThemForest for $60

It has been sold more than 500,000 times. Do the calculation yourself.

Of course, I’m not telling you to design a WordPress template and sell it on Theme Forest, but I gave you this example to learn the importance of mastering sales skills.

If you know that this is the ultimate goal of any company, why are you afraid of it? Why not do this process yourself?

It is good to develop your skills, team and product skills, marketing techniques, etc., but your ultimate goal is to sell and develop your business.

So, whether you have already started your Online Business or not yet started, I advise you to focus on the constant increase in sales and master this wonderful skill.

Building a long-term business

No matter how you make a profit and no matter how profitable you use it, if your business style so far is based on a temporary profit method, you are not creating a real business.

I’ll give you an example of two people to know what I mean

The first person used a temporary profit method and dispersed between different profit methods. He learns new methods and still moves from one temporary profit method to another.

The second person created a blog on the hobby he loves, and committed to write a number of articles per week, then to look at the quality of traffic on which he depends, then to put some method of profitability.

The content and configuration of the site correctly, and the rest of his time began to invest in a new project.

After a while, you will know the big difference between these two people.

The first is still learning temporary strategies for short-term profits that allow him to live, and if he stops working, he will not make any profit.

The first person you will find every time trying to learn a temporary strategy to climb into Google search results in a Black Hat way was punished.

This first person will find that you work hard 12 or 16 hours a day. Monthly incomes increase considerably, decrease rapidly and can collapse at any time.

The second person has a team that manages most of the tasks of his projects without doing the work himself, and his role is to monitor the performance of his work and develop his profit method.

This team writes content, optimizes the site, supervises ads and configures the search engine, while improving the business model.

You will find the second person working 100 or 200 hours a day, because the whole team is working on its own projects. Their monthly profits do not collapse once (as they depend on several sources of income) and are constantly changing.

Of course, the difference between the first person and the second person is obvious and this story is already experienced every day by many. My advice is therefore to build a real long-term business.


No matter if your initial investment is $100 or $30,000!

But what is important is that you have the mind of the business owner who wants to think long-term: how will his business be in three years?

Will you have more than 5 or 6 sources of profit?
Are there any benefits that come to you without work (such as renting a tool, a server, selling a book or a course)?
What activity and developments do you plan to achieve?
.. And many other logical ideas, if you find the answer to these questions, you will determine whether you like being the second person or the first person.

Rejoice in your failure and success

Always read success stories and learn how to succeed like them. But these are the best lessons you can learn from your failures.

If your whole life is a success, know that you are in the wrong direction… Because you do what everyone else does.

You will read many success stories that motivate you, but not dozens of failures that preceded that success.

When you see a young child trying to walk, he stumbles and falls several times, allowing him to walk easily without falling.

If this child thinks like us, do you think that one day it will walk?
If this child tries to walk and falls, he will be able to walk properly.

If he doesn’t try to walk so he doesn’t fall, he’ll never walk.

If you fail in Online Business, you will learn more later, but if you don’t try new experiences, you will not succeed in Online Business.

  • In each lost ad campaign, you will learn how to configure your successful ad campaigns.
  • In every marketing idea that didn’t work with you, you will learn to choose the next creative idea.
  • On each site you create and do not operate properly, you will know what factors to consider when creating your new site.
  • With each product you don’t sell, you will learn how to choose the winning product.
  • Between each lost project, you will know how to make your new project a success.
  • Anyone who tells you that all his projects are successful is lying to you, or that he has not told you about his failure many times more than you have failed.
  • When you know that bad experiences will make you succeed, you will love failure as much as success.

Invest in yourself every day

You may regret investing in the wrong project / with a traffic source / on a site / in a product… but you will never regret investing in yourself.

You may think it is more important for you to spend your time at work and manage your advertising campaigns because you get money from them, but your investment in yourself may take more time without interest. But that’s not true.

If you suppose, for example, that you see a worker who goes up to the mountain every day to break stones with his axe every day and take money for the sale of those stones.

Because cutting stones takes time and effort, he does his best to break 10 stones every day and sell them for $20.

But the next day, a friend met him and realized that he could not break more than 10 stones, he gave him advice by improving the blade of the axe and somehow hitting the stone to speed up the process.

He took advantage of these tips and broke 15 stones a day (without increasing his working hours).

Do you think that if this person stayed the same the first day without knowing how to reduce the blade of his axe or properly break the stones…could have made more money?

Certainly, it is even greater in the business world, which is witnessing technological developments and the emergence of new trends that we have never heard before, and many competitors are benefiting from these technologies as quickly as possible.

  • To be able to cope with this great boom, you must invest every day in your personal life to ensure your continued success and move from the current stage to the next.Newly generated programming languages
  • New technologies in the business world
  • Emerging theories every day
  • Companies that win and lose
  • Daily update of the online platform
  • New marketing methods
  • Successful ideas that have recently intensified

And much, much, much more…

 The only way not to fail is to always invest in yourself

This investment has many ways: such as

  • Read articles and books.
  • Attend classes.
  • Attend conferences.
  • Interview people who have been successful.
  • Try to acquire new skills.
  • Seek advice from more experienced people.
  • Develop your personal skills.
  • Discover new lessons from which you can learn others.

And much more. Any new information or skills you acquire will benefit you now or in the future.

Whatever the workload, it is necessary to take some time to learn every day, because you spend part of your time eating and drinking every day.


There are many experiences I have had and others have had, some successful and some unsuccessful, but in any case we must learn the wonderful lessons from these experiences.

.. And if you have the experience of others, take advantage of the lessons they have learned.
Online business is about experience and continuous learning.

And don’t forget to share your experiences in comments on the lessons you have learned from your past experiences

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