Skills will guarantee the success of your online project

There are many areas of work on the Internet, and they are developing every day. These areas are different, but there are several competencies that unite them.

In this article, we will look in depth at these core competencies, in order to share their importance to your industry, and why these competencies are your way to ensure online business success and profitability. All that remains is to study whether these skills are available, or whether you need to acquire them, or at least outsource them to a professional.

The most important skills to develop

Competence building and use

At the time of writing, the number of sites on the Internet exceeds 1 billion sites. Can you imagine that? If you are considering postponing the decision to create a website for you, I am sorry to inform you that your competitors are constantly increasing.

Why should you quickly create your own website?

I think the answer has become clear to you now.

Your electronic identity in the Internet world

The acquisition of the skills needed to create and use sites is as important as literacy in recent decades. The online presence and personal identification of its users can only be completed by an electronic platform bearing their name. Just as your Facebook account is your default identity (which is treated as a real identity in one of the American states), the site is your identity card that identifies who you are, what you offer and why?

Visible to search engines

It is never appropriate for your Facebook account or page to appear before your website. A website is the cornerstone of your online presence. When someone wants to search for you personally or the activity you offer or the service you offer, your visibility as a website must be higher than that of your Facebook page or any other social networking site.

You control your project 100%

Why is owning a website more effective for your project than just being on social platforms?

With recent social networking problems – especially Facebook – we see hundreds of projects whose campaigns have been damaged as soon as a minor failure occurs. When you have a website, it’s a different story:
You have complete control over yourself, you are able to know the problems that your site may face and to solve them as well.

Contrary to social networks where you are forced to wait for the statement that the platform will produce, you are also forced to postpone your work until the problem is solved.

Keep your customers away from scattered messages from your competitors

Imagine yourself buying a product and when you pay the price of the product, one of them stops to announce his presence in another store at a lower price, then a third one announces itself and will offer it to you at a lower price with a free gift.

Let me ask you now if your purchase decision is the same as the one you made at the beginning.

Do you want to buy the first product at the price you agreed previously? Would you like to buy this product in another store at a lower price? would you like to buy a safe product or would you change the decision to buy until you think a little bit about it?

The role of social media platforms.

While you are trying to attract the customer to your services, this customer is plagued by other advertising messages that destabilize their purchasing decision and distract them. When you create a website to present your services / products, this site will not only isolate your customer from messages from competitors, but will also reinforce your message with the features and intense offers you will find on the site.

So, whatever your business or the services you want to provide to the public, websites are the best way to develop them professionally. If you have not yet decided to acquire this skill, I would like to inform you that the number of competitors has increased again!

Make the right plan for your business

Some people make a mistake at the beginning of their work, considering the planning phase as a fundamental phase with a fixed time period and end.

In fact, this belief is completely false. The planning phase is a continuous phase with you from the beginning to the first step of establishing your project, until it starts, then enters the development phase. This step not only helps you know what you intend to do, but also prepares you for any future crises you may encounter.

Let me simplify it as follows:

Suppose that, in the first step of your establishment, you customized the pages of the site by limiting the services and not putting a lot of them to test.

Now the market has changed, as have the needs and desires of consumers. You have tried to modify the design of the site to adapt it to the addition of other sections and services.

The platform was therefore modified so that the model would be known to customers. This will certainly affect the user’s experience and familiarity with your site.

You have two options:

Sacrifice your brand image to the public and change the template used on the website.

Either you decide to sacrifice your new target audience and try to satisfy only existing customers.

Unfortunately, in both cases: you are a loser. The loss that has taken place here cannot be blamed for changing consumer whims, but rather the entire responsibility for planning and development from the outset.

So, among the most important skills to develop is to master planning sufficiently, you will know from the beginning how to develop scenarios and alternative plans for the future.

The Sales Funnel construction skill

It’s like climbing stairs, so to get to the top floor, you have to step on the first steps. The same principle applies.

In order to convince the customer to take advantage of your services, start by attracting them with a set of convincing logical steps. These steps are called Sales Funnel.

The sales funnel is a path adapted to your business model, guiding the visitor to a purchase decision after a series of improved marketing and promotional messages to deal with you.

This path varies depending on the type of target audience and the type of activity you do, but in any case, it helps you determine the best way to convince the audience and save money on marketing.

As we have agreed, the sales funnel is a relatively long process that allows you to attract the largest number of people to your company, then filter that number and focus on customers who are willing and able to buy from you. Don’t waste your money on marketing.

Therefore, learning how to build the sales canal according to your business model and to follow it carefully is one of the most important steps for the success of your company and its development.

Skill in Advertising profitably based on your business plan

Advertising is one of the most important marketing tools to attract a customer. But it is also a skill that requires many secrets. Some people believe that a paid solution will attract customers in any way, but in reality, it will only work if you know:

  • The ideal way to address your target advertising customers.
  • How to write content that captures the customer’s attention and keeps them away from any other embarrassing messages.
  • The creation itself and the message you want to send through it.
  • The added value that this advertising brings to the public, and why would they want to see it?
  • How does this ad support your sales funnel and at what stage is it recommended?
  • What are the most appropriate times for this announcement?
  • What is the appropriate period to continue?
  • Which platforms are best suited to it?

If you can answer these questions, you can not only design a successful advertising campaign, but also an inexpensive one.

Testing skills

The test is used to test several models or ideas to perform a task, so that you can compare the results of each attempt and ultimately your choice is the most cost-effective and efficient.

For example, suppose you don’t know which language is best for your audience, young and old. So I made a first attempt in a very formal way to impress the older people.

I tried to reverse the procedure and focus on modern language, full of abbreviations and metaphors, so that the elderly would not understand anything. In a third attempt, I tried to write in a language that combines both audiences with 70% success.

So you must first test each method with a limited budget, then after the results obtained. Which methods are most effective for your audience and choose them as a permanent means for you.

Testing skills help you to choose the best method and the one that gives the best results.

Analytical skills

It is the most important skill of all time. Is a skill that will tell you where you are and where you are going. Analyze is a technique that allows you to track your visitors and determine the content or pages they like.

You use this interest to increase the conversion rate of your product/service.

Google strives to provide this service to its customers through Google Analytics.

To familiarize you with Google analytics here.

Looking at the previous skills, you will find that these skills are closely linked to help you benefit from more than one direction.

Do you have a suggestion of other skills that a novice in the field of online profits should acquire? Share in the comments.

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