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Steps to ensure the best launch of your Digital product

You are sitting in the front row of a speaker, hear him speak to you with great experience and knowledge, and then you think about the size of the higher education he has received, on behalf of the universities where he has studied and the number of experts they have trained.

The conference ends with the last sentence that shocked you. All his experience comes from videos available on YouTube, but the difference between you and him is that he has understood how to use it.

You look on the TV channels, as usual, you come across one of the popular evening shows. You find a famous movie star talking about his debut in the field. In the middle of the conversation, you see him talking about a technology that is far from his education or field. The broadcaster asks him about this. He says he has already been curious about it and has decided to take an online course to understand it.

You are trying to open your USB key and an email appears recommending that you delete the files first. Try to delete the files, it doesn’t work. You open the Google search engine, you write your problem, you find a more complete article on how to heal. By following the steps, the USB stick opens without any problems.

You come into your house tired, you find delicious fragrances that surround the place. You look at the dining table and find all the food delicious. Look at the varieties and find new species that you’ve never tasted before. You ask your wife, so she answers that she’s seen new recipes on the Internet.

What links these positions?

The digital product.

What is a digital product?

A digital product is one of the results of technological evolution. It is an educational product of a digital nature, transported and directed on the basis of modern technologies and the speed of the Internet.

These products are particularly popular among young people

  • Easy to access.
  • Align with the way they think.
  • They are formulated in an attractive and engaging way, unlike traditional teaching materials.
  • Sound and visual effects are used to simplify information.
  • Easy access at any time.
  • It can be stored and shared easily.
  • Can be related to the explanation of a very specialized thing that takes time to understand, or a simple thing.
  • No age or personality restrictions. Unlike the educational material to which you are exposed in schools or universities.
  • It is also possible to find someone who gives you instructions to keep your car engine in good condition.

As you can see, the educational product has no limitations, either by the age or appearance of the author, by the content provided or even by the recipient of this information.

Everyone is welcome, as is the market for digital products. Whether it is an idea, processed or reproduced, an idea already produced and which will be reproduced in a new way, or creative content containing new ideas, or information developed in a sector. Here, digital content opens its course, and you are free to plan and pay.

This redefines the concept of teaching in such a way as to make everything around us accessible. From the best way to make coffee to the history of the Second World War and its political and geographical dependencies. The digital product is obviously a modern way of keeping pace with progress, but in a new and distinctive way.

How to create an information product that attracts the public?

You have experience in a field and are looking to exploit it.
This experience may be related to your solution to a problem encountered when using a program, for example a note that caught your attention and that you want to alert everyone about.

Perhaps a small skill will attract the audience, which you want to share. All this is OK, because we have agreed that the field of digital products is available in all forms of education. The most important point here is not what you are proposing, but how are you going to do it?

You can offer something very rich and useful, but no one follows it.

As with any product, before placing it on the target market, you must first think about how to deploy it and plan it well. Because we do not want to be subjected to this type of failure, we would like to provide you with a set of guidelines that will help you provide the public with an attractive information product as follows:

Will your product be sold or not?

Before you start producing information for your audience, ask yourself a series of questions first:

Is anyone waiting for my products?

You don’t have to waste your time and effort on something that no one will ever care about. Of course, you’re not going to introduce the product, so the first step in creating a good digital product is to study the market and determine whether or not this information is really necessary.

You can find out by searching Google for the content you want to offer.

You can then find some of the problems facing your target customers and add them to the points you are about to address.

You can look to platforms such as Quora, Reddit, to find out what customers want and think.

You can notice it in your circle of friends.

You can draw it from labels that are constantly circulating or from published satirical images.

Does the market need your digital product now?

When you want to introduce an educational course to teach a program that was published in 2017. The idea at first sounds good, but does the audience really need it now?! While there is a last update published in 2019, what will your course do for a program that stopped being used two years ago?! Knowing the ideal time to publish your educational content is a necessary step to see if you will complete the idea.

What type of audience do I target?

When you determine your target audience, you need to understand it perfectly. Children, for example, are not adapted to the rigid and solid explanation of information, but need interesting visual and sound effects in addition to an attractive cartoon. In addition, young people will not interact with you if your presentation of information looks like a boring university teacher.

Who are the competitors in the field?

Your competitors are more a valuable help than a means of harm. By looking at the competitors, you can understand what your target audience likes and dislikes! You can see the latest technologies. You can get ideas from the questions and problems he faces.
Your competition is an open window that shows you your target audience from a wide and more precise angle.

What will I add to provide this type of content?

Before you think about posting something, think carefully, are you the only one who did it?! Is your content similar to the others? Is there anything new that the other competitors haven’t addressed? Do you intend to simplify the same information, but in a more engaging way? Has the oldest content ever been posted (reinvented)? All these questions should be asked to you before you start preparing your digital product.

Am I qualified enough to provide this type of content or do I lack experience in using its tools?

Knowing the aspects of the subject you want to address is not all. In addition to this information, you must have other experience in using this information in a manner that is appropriate for your digital content.

For example, let’s say videos are the best way to publish your content, tell me if you have information about the right camera to use for shooting? Do you have access to the mounting bases to delete or add the clips that suit you? Do you understand the mechanism for downloading videos and marketing mechanisms?

I am not talking here about detailed and expert access to these tools, but about the basic elements that allow you to provide quality content, tailored to target customers, and compatible with digital technology that needs dynamism and quality to attract the public.

Select the digital product you wish to provide
Information product formats vary depending on the type of target audience and the type of content provided. It could be:

  • A book written both traditional and electronic
  • Video course sold on popular education platforms, viewed on YouTube or shared privately.

Training and advice are also part of the information products. Here, you share your experience and information with another person or exchange to help or teach something new.

Plan the Pre-Launch

You have chosen the right format to present your content, you have prepared it well and understood your audience and how to manage it. Everything seems ready now to launch?! actually not!

Before publishing your information content, you must ensure that the market needs it. Create interest in the topic, discuss the value it will get when you publish it. Create advertising campaigns.

Take advantage of influencers, if you can, by giving them free copies and let them talk about their experience freely. Invite your friends to talk about the product and use the power of Word Of Mouth to impress the audience. The steps to launch your information content or digital product affect its failure or success to a large extent.

Plan to create a sales funnel for your product

This is one of the most important steps in helping you understand how to target and engage your audience. Before launching your digital product it is important to create your own sales funnel. This mechanism will not only help you track your customers, but will also help you understand how best to target and do so. If your audience is a fan of social media, using these platforms as your primary marketing tool is a priority.

Launch management

When launching your digital product, first address your current audience. If you have a web page with thousands of followers, publishing on this platform is an absolute priority compared to other platforms. Your current audience is your first supporter and the most powerful advertising assistant for your product.

Use all available methods to communicate with this audience. Start your mailing list and contact them with attractive discount offers. Enjoy your subscribers on Instagram.

If you have no customers or subscribers, it is no longer an obstacle. You can easily create an ad on an online platform, attract people who have watched the content on your funnel….

Know your numbers well

The numbers are the vigilant soldier on the battlefield. It helps you to look at everything you do with your activity and understand where you are now and where you are going. If you find that your subscribers are not spending enough time watching the video, your content is boring.

If you find that many people are enthusiastic about buying the product and, at the buying decision stage, they are in decline, it means that the price offered does not match the target audience’s budget. The numbers are always a warning and a missionary at the same time. If you pay attention, you can offer the public interesting and attractive information content. If you neglect it, your product will fail.

Take care of your customer and try to increase his value over time

Your current client is a treasure to invest. So you need to develop a comprehensive plan so that this customer becomes a good customer in your company over time, and is attracted to all the products you offer.

You can give an exclusive discount to customers who have already purchased one of your products, you can offer a free copy to a customer whose purchase exceeds a certain price, you can offer gifts to customers who have continued to deal with you for more than a specific number. All this helps your client feel important.


At first, the digital product was perceived by some as a lost bet that would not attract much interest, but with the increase in the number of interested parties reaching millions, we see new content presented and new faces appearing every day.

YouTube content creators also participated:

YouTube has successfully taught hundreds of thousands of fans how to process popular Adobe programs and other advanced technologies. The digital product does not skimp on anyone, but aims to satisfy the hungry for knowledge and guide all information seekers.

If you have something to offer to this world, write it now and publish it. There are those who need it. If you are looking for a person to teach you, just type what you are looking for in the search box, and Google will give you the answers you want. Also via product information.

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