WordPress Plugins to use for blogs

Plugins to use in your blog

The thing about WordPress blogs is that there are a lot of good plugins to add, which saves you weeks of work.

And today, I will talk about the best additions that need to be placed in any blog to get amazing results in a short period of time as well.


This is the first software I install when I want to start a new project, site, or blog, WordFence is software that protects your site from malicious attacks, and malware.You can find WordFence on WordPress in the plugin search bar, I recommend it.


When your blog begins to appear to visitors, and begins to occupy a good position in the search engine, and that visitors come reasonably. Spam will start linking to your blog using programs deployed on the Internet, programs that provide links to unknown sites.

Askismet prevents the development of any annoying link (spam) in your blog and removes it permanently, this software is present on wordpress in free and paid version, honestly I don’t know much about the free version, the $5 paid version is effective.

To download this plugin, simply connect to wordpress, in the control panel and you will automatically find it for its importance.

3-Yoast Seo

This plugin is absolutely essential, it works to organize the code in the important SEO process, especially if you are not familiar with this process and do not know how to do it professionally, this plugin that you can find in wordpress, automatically adds MetaTags,

The work compatibility into your publications for search engines.

4-Broken Link Checker

You know the importance of the lack of ineffective links on your blog. This ineffective link gives a negative point in search engines. This addition is therefore preferable for those who do not notice its links or do not always inspect them.

You will find many plugins that handle this link problem in your blog, but this one I prefer on wordpress.

5-Popup Maker

In my opinion the best plugin on wordpress to create forms, popups, optin popups, and even more…

Of course there is the free and paid version, but you can do a lot of things with the free version, you have to get familiar at the beginning with the plugin, it is great.

To download on wordpress.

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