Working Methods

Working methods can be an important source of income

You can start your Online Business in many ways, all I can tell you is that it has a lot of them.

Like Business Offline, people think about ideas every day and invent inventions that make them money.

Can you tell me how many ideas or business people are doing it? Impossible, that’s exactly what happens in Business Online.

It is possible to read this article now and say: yes, it is very good that there are several ways to work on the Internet, and I can start with this or this… But believe me, for everything, there is positive and there is definitely a negative side.

The presence of this huge amount of methods and ideas that you can start with will prevent you from making the right decision to start, and this will of course distract you, forcing most beginners to stand in the middle of the road.

If I could, I would like there to be an effective way or method for anyone who wants to start in this field and succeed without failure, but unfortunately, it doesn’t exist and won’t exist either.

Today, in this article, which I hope will be beneficial to you, I will explain the methods of Business Online. If I had the time, I would make it a major source of income.

These tried and tested methods, but unfortunately, because of the time I don’t have, I couldn’t make them a significant source of income.

Before I start talking about these methods, I would like to address some very important observations that you need to take into account in order to make the most of them and decide whether you can start one or even more methods.

First of all, why not do it as an important source of income?

I believe in concentration, I started with one technique, I mastered it, I did it a lot, I worked on a system, then he started working for me, this System started taking less and less time to do something else.

This is the main reason why I do not focus on the methods I will discuss in this article.

Buy ready sites and take advantage of them

I appreciate everything that saves me time, imagine that I buy a site that its owner has been working on for more than a year! This is a saving for my time

Follow with me the work: look for a domain and put it in the hosting, then do the work of the pages of the site using WordPress or other, then the work of the articles, then the work logo and archiving work in Google, then some visitors….

All these things, instead of doing it, there is someone who has done them for a long time.

Yes, I know it’s not that easy, certainly, there are some observations and things you should also take into account when you buy a profitable and ready site.

This working method has been considered as an investment, yes I consider it as an investment. I’m only looking for a site that suits me, I mean that matches my skills, I’m not buying a site that requires certain knowledge like codes or knowing certain information that I don’t know.

But I choose a site that suits me as a manager and I can manage it easily: I still have to decide whether I can keep my current profits or increase them.

And because it is my specialty and my job, I certainly know how to increase these profits.

Note that a profitable site is not a condition of purchase and profitability. Remember, I’m buying it as an investment. I mean that my objective is to return my capital within a certain period of time that suits me.

Because as long as it doesn’t earn, I won’t pay much. The sites I bought in this way give me back my capital in only two months.

Sites specialized in buying and selling:

Website Broker
Buy sell website

Working method: Direct Marketing Affiliation with product owners

It is a working method that most distinguishes the speed of its implementation, users of products and often information products (information products), sell directly and do not rely on marketers or affiliated companies dedicated to sales, but market them in their own way. They sell a lot of stuff.

This is a lot of work, you don’t want a professional who sells hundreds of products a day, but someone who has a very useful information product but doesn’t know how to market it properly because he or she is neither a marketing agent nor a seller.

Where can I find the owners of information products?

There are so many places and search methods to find them, you just have to make sure they don’t know marketing well.

For example, on YouTube, a person who sells his own course through his YouTube videos only and who depends on the videos they bring certainly does not sell much and certainly does not understand anything about marketing, he is a potential customer.

For example, on the Udemy website, which sells its course, it is clear that this site has traffic and that I am counting on it to bring me sales!

I find a way to communicate with him, then I start writing a script to send him, and this script is simple, it shows my admiration for the course or site or product and that it must be seen by many people. Then I make him an offer.

Of course, you know what the idea is, we will establish a marketing plan for him and implement it, he will never lose anything, we will make landing pages, drawings, advertisements… and if it works we have our commission and he has its benefits.

In this work method, I use Facebook and Google ads and other methods, of course.

With this method, you do not rely on the company’s affiliate to compete with thousands of marketers, do not imagine the amount of wonderful products that no one knows and that are not sold in the wrong places of their owners.

Local lead generation agency

Any company in the world to be profitable, someone has to buy from them, a real customer pays them money. So my duty is not to market it, but rather to bring them this customer who gives money, which most marketers try to do.

It is my duty to bring him this customer who will pay him money, so only then will it be his duty to give me money?

How are you going to do that?

For example, if we say that the company is a dentist clinic, it needs people who need this service and pay it money. There is therefore a conversion point. If we think about it, it is to the point that the caller is interested in the clinic’s phone number.

Or, for example, when the patient reaches the clinic door, or the number that allows us to contact him to give him a free consultation of his problem, and if you think more, you will find more conversion points, and the most interesting thing is that the owner of the company will know exactly what it is.

If I know exactly that I will really bring many potential clients, to this clinic, I do what I call the free trial, I will have it try my services for free.

When he sees a few days later that I have sent him a good number of potential customers, he will lose his mind if he does not agree to work with me, and then the price will be set that suits me for each customer.

Program a web tool and sell it with a monthly subscription

This method of working on the Internet is very effective, first because the tools are simple and allow people to save time and money and therefore their need is invaluable, and second because I can easily do it with a monthly subscription.

There are companies with a very large number of employees based solely on the Web tool, and to name a few of my current uses:

  • LeadPages: a tool to create landing pages
  • ConvertKit: a tool to manage your mailing lists
  • ClickFUnnels: a tool to create landing pages
  • Adespresso: a tool to manage Facebook and Google ads
  • members: a tool for the work of membership sites for courses
  • 123contactBuilder: a tool to create forms and reports

And other than that I can’t count

All these tools are companies with many branches and a significant number of employees. They make millions of dollars. Solving a particular problem will save time, money and time for those interested.

Think about your market about what they need, what interests them, and say it yourself. These tasks that take you a long time to complete.

Can I find a way to create a tool that facilitates these time-consuming tasks?

You can make this style a complete business for you, specialize and understand what many people are interested in, and then coordinate the steps that will encourage them to evolve to achieve their goal in the fastest and easiest way through your time-saving services.

The methods of working on the internet are many, I won’t be quoted all of them, do some research and tell us in the comments what you find like other methods of working online.

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